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Princess Evelyn, like most princesses, was blessed by a fairy godmother as a baby. The same day as her blessing, however, her parents received the news that a war was brewing. So instead of beauty, singing talent, or diplomatic flair, her practical godmother blessed her with the way of the warrior. To be more specific: she will grow to be the strongest fighter in the kingdom. By age seventeen, the king is ready to get his daughter married. Only problem is, he won't settle for anyone less than someone who can beat Evelyn in combat. And she keeps beating everyone who comes at her. To make life more difficult, the war that was foretold is coming, and Evelyn may be the only one strong enough to do something about it.

August 30th, 2012, 8:07 pm


This is a comic I wanted to do in my spare time because I have a weakness for A) comedy, and B) strong women.
So it will be somewhat serious sometimes, and goofy other times. Forgive the plain default layout for now. I'll mess with it at a later date.

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